Our upcoming Sunday Song List

Songs for Lord’s Day worship on July 21st, 2024

Tools to help you sing at CCC

The Songs for Saints project seeks to provide tools for growing the saints worshiping at Christ Covenant Church in their love and ability to “…sing a new song to the LORD.” 

We also use the Sing Your Part App

I created a short video explaining how to use the app. Check it out here.

Sing Your Part helps you learn your vocal part for hymns. Select a hymn, adjust the volumes of the four vocal parts, and press play. It is that simple! Learning your part is now as accessible as reaching in your pocket. Owning a piano and having the skills to play it are no longer necessary to learn your vocal part. Listen and practice anywhere—while getting ready in the morning, while making dinner, or on the go. Plus, with Sing Your Part you can adjust the volumes of all voices so you can practice harmonizing with the other parts. Soon you will be able to sing hymns in a comfortable voice range alongside others singing different harmonies.