Lord’s Day Worship & Vaccine Exemptions

Hi Church Family,

So far we’ve had 10 glorious Lord’s Day worship services together.
Having grown up in the church, I’ve been blessed with countless Sunday’s of soul building worship. However, these last 10 weeks have been, hands down, the best 10 weeks of my life

As we seek to bring about reformation in Lewis County, it is breathtaking to see the Lord’s providential hand at work in these labors. Lives are being transformed by the power of the Gospel as it is lived out amongst the members and attenders of this local church body. In other words, I simply couldn’t be more pleased with what the Lord is doing here in our own community. 

That being said, we are living during a time of tremendous change within the power structures around us. The heathen nations are raging and the peoples are plotting in vain. (Psalm 2)  The gods of secular humanism are seeking the blood of the saints but our God in heaven laughs at their attempts to thwart His rule. Our King is and will be victorious and while He “makes His purposes to ripen,” we must stand together against the cultural zeitgeist that seeks our reliance and our compliance.

Mask mandates, vaccine passports, travel restrictions, church shutdowns, 15 days to flatten the curve, quarantining the healthy etc. are all bald faced power grabs of authoritarianism and must be resisted privately and publicly by each body of believers. Christ Covenant Church will never require vaccinations, masking, or reservations for worship.

Christ Covenant Church will never require vaccinations, masking, or reservations for worship.

Joe Stout

We are actively working on a first draft of our official “Vaccine Religious Exemption” declaration that we will provide to members who are being forced to choose between the vaccine and employment or schooling.
Update: You can find the Vaccine Exemption Statement Here. As well as below.

I personally have signed the following Warrenton Declaration and would encourage you to do the same.

In the meantime, it is important to remember that we are not fighting against flesh and blood. Political and legislative solutions are downstream of culture which is downstream of the daily and weekly worship of King Jesus.

Worship builds culture and without a proper culture, a political solution will always fail in a culture war. 

Therefore we will fight with the weapons of war Jesus has given us. Worship, the Psalms, Confession, Bread & Wine, Scripture, Feasting, & Fellowship.

Join us this coming Lord’s Day at 9:30 AM at the Ford’s Prairie Grange.

We will be singing: 

  • Christ the Lord is Risen Today,
  • The Doxology,
  • Psalm 124: Let Israel Now Say In Thankfulness,
  • Psalm 8: LORD, Our Lord, In All the Earth
  • Psalm 103 My Soul Now Bless Thy Maker
  • The King of Love My Shepherd Is
  • The Gloria Patri

Soli Deo Gloria!

Joe Stout