Ep. 47: Ephesians 4:1-6 | Preserving the Unity We Already Have – Dave Hatcher

We have officially planted as of this past Lord’s Day, Pentecost Sunday 2021. God be praised!

I am posting the edited service to include the Call to Worship, exhortation, sermon, Lord’s Supper teaching, and commission. If you are looking to simply hear the sermon only, I will add a timestamp in the show notes for when the sermon begins in this case you can skip ahead to the 20:45 marker for the beginning of the sermon. During our worship we also welcomed 10 households into membership, ordained an elder, and baptized one of our little sisters in Christ. If you would like to join us for Lord’s Day worship, please visit lewiscounty.church and you will find our current times and locations for worship. Please enjoy the sermon.