In this episode we discuss communion.There are a lot of specifics to discuss on our convictions as it relates to the Lord’s Supper.

  • What is the regulative principal?
  • What types of worship must be held by the regulative principal and what kinds don’t?
  • What makes for a “covenant renewal” service?
  • What is the difference between the bread and the wine?r
  • Should there be two prayers?
  • Who should be admitted?
  • How old should someone be to come?
  • Should those with mental deficiencies be allowed to partake?
  • What is closed communion? What is open?
  • How often should we observe it?
  • Should we use wine?
  • Should we use leavened bread?
  • Are there blessings and curses connected with the meal?

I think to give us context for how communion fits within the broader scope of covenant renewal worship I would like to request that everyone listen to this 40min podcast. James Jordan gives a wonderfully concise synopsis of why we follow the pattern of covenant renewal worship and why the Lord’s Table is so integral to it.