Ep. 33 – Biblical Eldership and a Proposed Liturgy – Reformation Roundtable Podcast

The following is a Thursday night discussion that took place on Feb. 25th, 2021. We discussed the booklet form of Biblical Eldership and worked through a proposed liturgy for our fellowship nights as was practice in anticipation for Lord’s Day worship. At the end of the discussion there is a shorter but lively discussion on baptism and the Lord’s Supper that you won’t want to miss.

We want to plant a distinctly biblical and unashamedly Christ-centered reformed church in Lewis County. Lewis county has many churches but none that profess or practice the historic reformed faith. We would like to see this change and therefore we have been plowing in faith that we would accomplish the Lord’s will. For the better part of a year and a half, we have been meeting and seeking unity as families. Our stated goal is 10 founding member households prior to launch and our hope is to launch in March of 2021. God is going to accomplish His will in His sovereign mercy and we are excited to see how we can be used by Him in this way.
Reformation Roundtable meets on Thursday nights for discussion and Sunday nights for fellowship.  If you would like to join us please visit lewiscounty.church and you will find all of our previous discussions as well as an events tab which will show you what is coming up that you can be a part of. Also if you have questions or comments you can fill out the contact form and I will respond to your email personally. Well that is enough from me, I hope you enjoy the discussion and I hope you join us to plant a reformed church in Lewis County Washington.