Ep. 27: Pastor Dave Hatcher: Covenant Renewal Worship in a Mission Church – Reformation Roundtable Podcast

We’re excited about the work the Lord is doing here in Lewis County.

While our leaders and their media proudly herald the various ways the heathen nations can rage and the peoples plot in vain, we plow in the hope that comes from knowing our Risen King is alive and reigning at the right hand of God the Father. He told us that all power and authority had been given to Him and that we were to go into all the world and preach the gospel and baptize the nations, turning them into disciples for Christ. This is the work of the church and this is the plow the Lord has placed into our hands. The good news is that we don’t labor in vain. We should never think, “what’s the point?” Jesus promised that even the gates of hell (the last enemy to be defeated) won’t survive the onslaught of His church.

If you missed last week’s fellowship night, you can listen to it here.

This week we welcomed Pastor Dave Hatcher of Trinity Church in Kirkland. 

Here is the schedule we followed.

We also sang these two songs.

  1.  Holy God, We Praise Thy Name. (If you are unfamiliar with this song take a listen to the video. It is a glorious, beautiful, and fairly easy to learn tune)
  2. Blessed the Man, Who Fears Jehovah  (This is Psalm 128 and we’ve sung it a couple of times.)
  3. Doxology

Here is the song packet